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Welcome to the SOL19 Site

SOL19 is a musical collection of ridiculous complaints, frequential impulse modulations and other unidentified electronical excesses.

Core members are ka and Rat-Project.
From 2007, Roefke joined to amplify the bass.

Although under different names, SOL19 originates back to 1986. Various recordings have happened since then, but only to remain on tapes, floppy disks or minidiscs, unreleased and unpublished.

These songs can be listened to in the DiscoGraphy & Lyricz section from the upper menu. SOL19 strives to make all songs available on this website and hopefully, release the albums through our own independent label.

More material is being under revision, but once finalized, it will become updated in that same DiscoGraphy & Lyricz section. Our sincere apologies if a lot of pages may still show under construction.

Used Equipment:

Yamaha: TG77-SY55-RX5-SPX990
Roland: S750-DR660-VS1880
Korg: R3
Sennheiser: K6 Mic
Atari 1024STFM+Cubase
Cheap Guitars, Samples & DrumPads
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